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Chocolate Storybook

Cotton Candy Alien Fluff Sour Watermelon 1.75oz - 12ct

Cotton Candy Alien Fluff Sour Watermelon 1.75oz - 12ct

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Pucker up and prepare to be probed when you reach into this 1-ounce tub of Chocolate Storybook Alien Fluff cotton candy. While the truth may be out there, the otherworldly flavor is right here, waiting for you inside each mouthwatering bite of this sour watermelon flavored, Martian-green cotton candy. As light and airy as a zero-gravity space voyage, Alien Fluff cotton candy is hand-spun and hand-packed for fluffy sugary perfection. Earthlings who love sour watermelon candy are sure to find this award-winning cotton candy irresistible. With only 140 calories in the entire tub, why try resisting anyway? You know it’s futile.

1/12ct 12pcs/case
UPC: 609015729083
Made in USA

Item 609083

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