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Warheads Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry 1.75oz- 12ct

Warheads Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry 1.75oz- 12ct

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Cotton Candy with a bit of a cheek sucking punch! Our Warheads Cotton Candy has the same extreme sour taste as real Warheads. Get ready to make those taste buds burst! 
Think of Warheads Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy as a first cousin of Warheads Green Apple. So, if you’re looking for a twist to your customary cotton candy sweet tooth binge, Warheads Blue Raspberry offers that extreme sour taste that Warheads always delivers. How much flavor do you crave. You’re about to find out. We can’t wait to make your day.

1/12ct  12pcs/case
UPC: 095045204025

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