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Bazooka Original Bubble Gum Theater Box 4oz - 12ct

Bazooka Original Bubble Gum Theater Box 4oz - 12ct

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What do you do with a theater box of good ol’ Bazooka Bubble Gum? Well, you could try to blow a bubble that’s as big as the screen, but we wouldn’t recommend it (those things get messy when they pop!). You could definitely share it with your friends (and then maybe they’ll let you have some nachos!). Or you could offer a piece to the chatty kids in the row behind you in hopes that they’ll get the hint and shut their yaps! There are about a million ways to enjoy great-tasting, fun-to-chew Bazooka Original Bubble Gum, and with these theater boxes, you’ll always have plenty of it close at hand!

1/12ct  12pcs/case   
UPC: 041116004094
GTIN: 10041116104098

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