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Efrutti Sour Lunch Bag 2.7oz - 12ct

Efrutti Sour Lunch Bag 2.7oz - 12ct

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OK,  if you a health food aficionado, this product may not appeal to you but if you crave classic picnic food, we think you might be intrigued.  
The "Original" eFruitti Sour Lunch Bags pay tribute to our favorite summer snacks as each bag contains Sour Gummy Burgers, Cola, Corn on the Cob, Fries, and Pizza making for a veritable smorgasbord in every package!  And here's the good news - you won't need Ketchup of Mustard.
Gluten Free/Nut Free

1/12ct   12 pcs/case
UPC:  813805001086
GTIN:  30813805001087
Made in China

Item 813086

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