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Lion Candy Bar 1.76oz (UK) - 36ct

Lion Candy Bar 1.76oz (UK) - 36ct

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Roar! Introducing the Lion Bar!
Described by Nestle as (having a) "rugged appearance and combination of chewy caramel, crispy wafer and crunchy cereals covered in chocolate". One must presume by rugged we are referring to (its) bumps Lovely Lion humps? 
Nestle further opines that the Lion Bar has "provided a substantial, multi-textural, bite across the decades". Hmm ... that's a lot to unpack right there - but fortunately for you (and moi!) gentle reader - there's also a lot of Lion Bar in each package. Shall we take a multi-textural bite (across the decades) together?

1/36ct 36pcs/box
UPC:  872513001894
Made in UK

Item 872894

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