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Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks Tropical Punch Popping Candy .33oz - 24ct

Pop Rocks Tropical Punch Popping Candy .33oz - 24ct

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What taste like smooth Tropical Punch and explodes in your mouth? Pop rocks Tropical Punch Popping Candy. Go ahead and "Taste the Explosion!"
POP ROCKS are small pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super-atmospheric pressure. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, in someone’s mouth or in a liquid, the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing its characteristic popping sensation as well as crackling and fizzing sounds.
Gluten Free
Nut Free

12/24ct   480 pcs/case   
UPC: 721874012189
UPC (inner) 721874012196
GTIN:  00721874012202
Made in Spain 

Item 721009

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