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Bazooka Push Pop .5oz - 24ct

Bazooka Push Pop .5oz - 24ct

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Have you ever been in the middle of enjoying an exquisite lollipop when you were rudely interrupted by a parent wanting you to walk the dog, a taxi driver who didn’t allow food in his cab, or your boss, who wanted you to finish the open heart surgery you were taking a break from? All at once your blissful candy break goes right in the garbage. Not so with Push Pops! These totally convenient lollipops let you push up just the right amount of candy for the time you have, and they have a plastic cap you can snap on if you don’t finish it all at once. And did we mention that they come in four fruity flavors? They’re the perfect lollipop for anyone with a busy schedule or a very patient sweet tooth!

24/24ct   576pcs/case    
UPC: 041116005343
UPC (inner) 41116009037
Made in Taiwan

Item 411343

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