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Bazooka Push Pops Triple Power 1.2oz - 16ct

Bazooka Push Pops Triple Power 1.2oz - 16ct

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Ever buy a big bag of candy that was all the same flavor and then wish you had more variety? No need to worry about that problem ever again! Triple Power Push Pops have three great flavors in one push-up tube, so you’ll never get bored! You can enjoy Blue Raspberry, move on to Watermelon and finish with Strawberry. Or you can push up two or more candies to create your own exciting fruit combos! Blue Raspberry-Strawberry? You bet! Strawberry Watermelon? Sure! With Triple Power Push Pops you’re in charge, and no matter what you pick it’s going to be awesome. Each pop contains: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon 

12/16ct   192pcs/case 
UPC: 041116004926

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