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Smarties Candy Monies 5oz - 12ct

Smarties Candy Monies 5oz - 12ct

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Step right up, candy lovers! Have you ever wanted to be filthy rich, but with the added bonus of being able to munch on some scrumptious sweets? Well, now you can with Smarties Candy Monies! These are just like classic Smarties, but with a twist. Each candy coin is embossed with a fancy green dollar amount on the front, making you feel like a high-rolling sugar baron. And let's not forget the size - these coins are as big as Giant Smarties, so you'll feel like you're swimming in money (or candy, same thing really). So go ahead and treat yourself to some Smarties Candy Monies - it's the only currency you'll ever need!
Gluten Free
Nut Free

1/12ct   12pcs/case
UPC: 011206001319

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