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Sugar Daddy Mini .47oz - 48ct

Sugar Daddy Mini .47oz - 48ct

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If you got to this page because you were looking for a wealthy old man to support you, then this is your lucky day, because this Sugar Daddy, the classic caramel lollipop, is much better for you and won't ask you for any favors in return. A long flat paddle of scrumptious caramel, the Sugar Daddy is the classic example of the lick-or-chew dilemma well-known to candy-lovers the world over: You can't just bite into it, because it's a lollipop, but we're not sure anyone has ever finished one of these without using their teeth just a little.
Born in the 1920s, just when the notion of flappers and their sugar daddies came into vogue (and renamed "Sugar Daddy" from the unfortunate "Papa Sucker" shortly thereafter), this sweetest and slurpiest of lollipops has proven itself a classic.
Gluten Free

16/48ct    768pcs/case
UPC : 01420000227
UPC Box : 014200302208
GTIN: 00014200532209
Made in USA

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